Kids with phones now blow my mind. They are more comfortable with an ipad than they are with a football, it’s awful. I don’t get how parents let their child say “all the other kids have phones”. Yeah let your child be a better example, just because all the stupid kids have phones don’t think that your kid has to be stupid otherwise he/she’ll feel weird around their mates.

They’re toxic and i think it’s a terrible thing for a child to have. They don’t look at people when they talk to them and don’t build the empathy that a normal human would. I’m sort of glad i’ve got a crap phone at the minute (I broke my new one sliding over a car bonnet thinking I was James Bond……evidentally, I am not).

The thing is you need to be able to build an ability and just not be doing something. That’s what the phones are taking away. The ability to just sit there…. and just look at the sky or people watch or something.

That’s being a person. Right?

Every 20 seconds everone reaches for their phone and gotta “check” whatever they’re thinking is mega important.

The thing is underneath everything, your job, family, friends, everyone has that deep down ’empty, forever empty thing’ No?” Well just humour me for a second.

…ok. But it’s that knowledge that it’s all for nothing and your alone……..? Just me then. Ok whatever but it’s down there. But sometimes when things clear away, you’re not watching anything and your in your car or walking to the shop, say on a Monday morning and you start going “urgh.. here it comes, i’m alone” and it starts to visit on you. This sadness, life can be an incredibly sad experience. So you’re driving or whatever and you panic and reach for the phone and risk crashing your car because you just don’t want to be alone for that second. Because it’s so hard.

I was at home once and i was listening to music, like Buffalo Springfield or something. It’s that ping pongy one at the beginning, and i heard it and i started thinking about some traumatic school depression thing. And it made me REALLY sad. So i’m going “Shit……getting sad, gotta get the phone. So i write ‘Hi’ to like 50 people. Then y’know somebody cool replies back ‘Hi’, then someone not so cool replies and i’m like “meh, do one i’m not gonna reply to you i’m ok now”. But I thought no, just….be sad. Just let it come and stand in the way of it and let it hit you like a truck. And i let it come and started crying,…. like a little girl, it was beautiful. Sort of poetic, you’re lucky to be able to live these kind of moments. But afterward I had a massive rush of endorphines and felt great again. It was a bit of a trip really. I just find it weird how people can’t deal with that tiny bit of sadness, they have to get pissed, or eat Big Macs or whatever. Whatever distracts you. But you’ll never feel completely sad, OR completely happy. You’re just kind of satisfied, ish. And then you die.



That’s why kid’s shouldn’t have phones.




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