Love/Hate relationship with the Internet

Not written anything for a bit but something has bothered me.

I love discussion, and I love the ability to share my thoughts and opinions with other people. Plus having the feeling of being part of something is somewhat tribalistic. By that I mean it doesn’t really matter what you’re talking about, it’s more about belonging to something. I think that’s why football is so popular.

Any place where people can become communal and come together over specific thing is good for humanity…generally. There are groups of twats too but that’s beside the point.

The down side of this is when you introduce the anonymity of the internet, it perpetuates this more vicious side of this tribalistic behaviour.

I like to be inclusive in everything I do and get as many people to participate in most conversations I have. If a certain person has a passion for something I don’t quite get, that’s still cool as at least they are interested in it enough to be able to have a conversation about it. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been called a nerd or whatever purely because I can talk about something rather than acting all cool and pretending to hate everything. It’s mega stupid.

But introduce the internet and people get so mental if you say a you like something and they don’t. Someone once aimed “F*** off! You F******!” at me on twitter because I said I liked Game of Thrones. Ridiculous. Now I don’t mind that as most people will think of something to say back and that will be the end of it.

You wouldn’t think there were Geek Hooligans about. Instead of beating the shit out of you, they just type in CAPS all the time.

I think it’s a really poisonous element of social media. You hear it in the news how someone has threatened a celebrity by typing the absolute worst things you can imagine. Suppose you have to give them some credit for managing to fit something so horrifying into 140 characters. That’s quite an achievement of literary tw@tness.

I find it cowardly and horrible that you can sit practically anywhere on the planet and just hurl abuse to people and there be no repercussions. And a lot of it is the most racist, convoluted verbal diarrhea you’ll ever see.

But i love discussion in any form, be it round a table in the pub or on an internet forum or whatever.

I just wished people as a whole would at least try to understand something first, before totally flying off the handle and threatening to stab your dog or something. It’s mental. There’s been a couple of instances of cyber-bullying that has resulted in some serious consequences and that’s really sad.

I like to think that anyone that may read this will have a brains and maturity not to abuse that anonymity that comes with social media. I may be wrong, if so tell me what a wuss I am for writing this.

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2 thoughts on “Love/Hate relationship with the Internet

    Fuck.. my picture and name are above. Shit. Good shout Wardy, definitely agree. Good to have you back!

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