Happy Birthday



Ok so my mate thought it’d be funny to spike my drink my birthday when I was 22. We were in a bar in town and he put something in a shot glass and gave it to me,

Now we’re not talking another form of alcohol, I mean prescription drugs.

It was a liquid Viagra. And it bloody worked.

Now I don’t possess a big piece of kit anyway, but when you have suit pants on, you can tell I’m having a good time. But there’s NOTHING you can do about it. It’s horrendous. I couldn’t sleep all night, every time you roll over, boom ,it’s there.  Not to mention the headaches. If you know anything about Biology, the blood has to come from somewhere. and it was like getting stabbed in the eyeballs…with guns and explosions.

At the time my sister lived in town and she text me asking if she could join us for a drink. So I’m stood next to my sister with a massive painful erection while my friends are gesturing blowjob signals behind her head.

Happy Birthday Andrew.


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