It’s the Manchester Comic Convention on the 20th July. Now, i’ll be 29 years old that weekend and this will be my first one. I’ve been to crappy Comicbook fairs at Sasha’s Hotel, the 1* hell hole in the city centre, but they’ve been dusty old things with fat old blokes that smell like urine, selling Doctor Who memorabilia.

ComicCon (or ComiCon if you prefer) is the American created behemoth that us British have adopted… Netflix and Diabetes. But it’s relatively new over here and if anything I can see modern society (and by that I mean drunk blokes stood outside the pub) not really seeing the attraction to walking around during the day dressed as Chewbacca, looking at Comicbooks and stuff.

It’s massive, and from the videos i’ve seen on Youtube, it looks incredible. However, a big part of it is to go in ‘Cosplay’, or ‘fancy dress’ if you’re not a Japanese school girl.

Now, I do actually own a proper Batman cowl/mask, and I have worn it to parties on Halloween and stuff but this is the middle of July. I’d get knee-capped in the middle of Market Street. In America I think there’s big prizes for the best costume but unless it’s a role in the New Star Wars films, i’m not risking it.

If it’s anything like the old fairs I went to (and worked at), i’m going to feel like Brad Pitt in that room anyway. I just need to think of an excuse to walk around with any of the following:

A Lightsaber, a Cape, a Machine Gun or some sort or Wolverine Claws.

Any other ridiculous suggestions would be appreciated


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